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What Is A Strong Black Man?



This poem was written by a very talented poet, Shanta W.


Shanta describes a Black Man in a way, I believe, we all will agree with.

Without Warning


              A MUST HAVE

for all African American Women


This poem is one to be read, shared, and discussed; for, it is a reminder of the strength within ALL Black women even  those who don't yet recognize the strength they possess.



Flowers of Africa

A booklette that is highly recommended for African American children, their parents, and their teachers. Written in poetic form and illustrated by a 15-year old student, it acknowledges African history, the struggle through slavery, black pride, and hopes for the future. Printed on durable card stock.


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So Much Man


 This poem is most requested

     for  Obituary Programs

Probably because it sums up one of our greatest desires, as Christians,

"To See Our Savior's Face."

When You Touch Me


 This poem captures the passion

shared between two people who truly love each other.