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God Is Still Right There


 Are You Experiencing Difficult Times  and Going Through Struggles That Appear to Have No End?


This poem is meant to bring you peace as it relays how God has not forsaken you.  He is still there with you even though you cannot see him. 


Cast your cares on him and continue to walk by faith.


KNOW that You Will Be Victorious!!


Blessings On Your Birthday


  A Beautiful Inspirational Birthday Poem

   by talented poet, Genetra Hickson

Congratulations Graduate


 Most Popular Graduation Poem


Comes on Elegant White Cardstock

        with Gold Foiled Cap

We Are Family


  One of Our Best Selling Poems


Very Popular at Family Gatherings

                  & Reunions



A Wakeup Call


            A MUST READ

   For ALL African Americans


It is time to take an honest look at

the messages being sent to each other and ESPECIALLY to the children.



Without Warning



                  for Mother.

 This Moving and Touching Poem comes on beautiful pink cardstock

 A "Must Have" for that Special Angel

who has blessed your life, "Your Mother."


This poem is, also, available on White Cardstock with Gold Foiled Rose.

Without Warning


              A MUST HAVE

for all African American Women


This poem is one to be read, shared, and discussed; for, it is a reminder of the strength within ALL Black women even  those who don't yet recognize the strength they possess.